Love Your Veggies

    Love Your Veggies June is National Fruit and Vegetables Month and June 17 is National Eat your Veggies Day! If you learn about the health benefits of vegetables you may be more excited about eating your veggies. Read on for more tips about to help you...

Find your trigger foods

Ingredients in foods and even foods themselves can sometimes trigger pain and inflammation including headaches, digestive issues and muscle and joint pain. For some people the problem may be a food allergy, for some a food intolerance. If you know you feel lousy when...

Food affects hormones – say what?

Lots of people love to eat steaks, hamburgers and sausages but the majority of us don’t realize the affects these foods have on our body’s hormones and our health–long term and even short term. Nelson Campbell, T. Colin Campbell, PhD and State Representative Tom Riner...

Muscle Pain — Common Myofascial Perpetuating Factors

Have muscle pain? There are many factors that could be the reason why your pain or muscle problems began or why they won't go away. Therapeutic massage can help alleviate muscle pains and knots (trigger points). PalmLeaf Massage Clinic helps clients determine the real...

Magnesium: essential anti-inflammatory nutrient

  If you’ve had a massage at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic, you’ve probably heard the advice “Relax in a bath with Epsom salt.” The reason that such good advice is that Epsom salt contains magnesium which you will absorb through your skin. Magnesium is essential for...

Reduce Inflammation: Eat the PalmLeaf Way

  My wife, Jeanette "Jen" Mascarenas is vegan and is very knowledgeable about the nutritional values of food. Lots of my clients have inflammatory issues that cause aches and pains, so I requested my wife to write an article to aid people in eating to reduce...

Hamstrung by Sitting?

Your hamstrings, 3 muscles located in the back of the thigh, can become 'victims' of long periods of sitting, especially if sitting is necessary for your work or leisure pursuits. To avoid chronic tightening or injury to your hamstrings, change positions regularly and...

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