Came to Ramon for a prenatal massage on my due date – love it! Ramon was gentle and caring since I was 9 months pregnant! I felt relief and relaxation and really enjoyed my prenatal session! Thank you, Ramon! — Elena F.

Great place to get your prenatal massage! They have awesome customer service, which made me feel welcomed every time I went. The massage itself was soothing and it definitely made my muscle pains from the pregnancy better. I had Ramon, who was very nice and attended to my specific needs very well. Great place! — Tenyen C.

I cannot say enough good things about Ramon. I had pain in both shoulders for over two months after my session with Ramon my range of motion was back to normal and almost all the pain was gone. He took time to explain some better sleeping positions to help the situation going forward. He is extremely professional and very skilled. I would recommend him very highly. — Roger S.

Ramon really knows his stuff, and he genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being. The massage itself was probably the most expert massage I have ever had. The advice about self-care techniques was thorough, well-explained, and more than I expected. Ramon goes above and beyond what most massage therapists do to make sure their clients get the most out of massage. — Jillian L.

“Ramon delivers an excellent massage – all inclusive of great deep pressure for both a therapeutic & relaxing result. He also worked on stretching for my tightness. Ramon does a wonderful job. He has that caring attitude of helping people.” – Rob K.

Ramon has saved my quality of life which was not great for the last 10 years.  I am an extreme sports enthusiast who has abused their body and as a result have always been in pain or discomfort over the last 10 years.  I have had countless MRI’s, injections, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, you name it I have tried it.  It wasn’t until I went to Ramon to get my muscles loosened and back to where they need to be that I started to feel like a normal person again.  He fixed my neck which was the main problem over the years, and then I also had a new issue with my knee clicking as well as my ankle bothering me.  After spending time with Ramon I have no more issues and can go weeks without even thinking of pain.  If I ever have any slight discomfort I just go see him and I am back to normal again.  Seriously cant thank him enough for giving me my life back.  I now have the ability to focus on things rather than constantly being distracted by pain. — Ben Hochman, Google+ review.

This is my first experience with Lomi Lomi style massage. I have had a number other massages that were nothing special and did not meet my expectations for stress and muscle pain relief. Through Ramon I have experienced the most amazing massage. I have had years of chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. Much of this is from my occupation. He is able to find my pain areas and work them out. My range of motion has improved. He also recommended home care techniques for me to maintain the health of my muscles. The unexpected result for me has been the release of emotional stress from so many years of pain. As I was laying on his table, the floodgates of emotional stress opened and I felt the freedom to finally let all that go. I have experienced has both physical and emotional healing through Ramon’s care. — Dr. Dan F.

Ramon’s expertise is a skill and a gift. His intuitive knowledge of the movement of energy as both a healer and a guide to healing are phenomenal. Like the sea — the lomi lomi practice is an ancient science of movement of ebb and flow. In the tide of life, a ship has come in for my experience of healing old injuries and moving the body towards greater health. I’m grateful.

Dr. LaGenia Bailey, Pharm. D. BCPP. RYT-500
Director, East West Integrative Healing

I came to Ramon two months ago and I have had four therapeutic massage sessions. The improvement I’ve seen is incredible. The pain in my hands, back and neck is dramatically improved. The pain in my right hand from overuse was so bad I had trouble using a mouse and writing with a pen. I am now pain free. I’m committed to doing the exercises he assigned and have incorporated his suggestions for self care. I will keep coming back.

—Christie Webb, RN

I am very pleased that I found Ramon and PalmLeaf Massage Clinic. Ramon’s Lomi style massage was relaxing and energizing. My body was induced to a deep meditated state and my energy flow was balanced. His myofascial trigger point therapy tackled the cause of the pain. Tension was released from the muscles, tightness was dealt with and healing began. Ramon’s caring and professionalism makes every massage treatment an enjoyable experience. 

— Tina C.

All I can say is “I think we found the right place after all those years of searching and treatment from other sources” I strongly and highly recommend this massage and therapy clinic. — Jesus A.

Ramon has an amazing touch that intuitively just knows where in the body it needs to focus on. I have received 2 very amazing massages from Ramon so far and every time I am amazed at his technique, his ability to get all the knots out from the right place. His professionalism level is outstanding, his knowledge is incredible! You have GOT to try it for yourself to believe it. — Masha L.

If you have not experienced a massage with Ramon, I’m guessing your massage experience has not been complete! His unique approach incorporates the Hawaiian-inspired Lomi Lomi ‘Ka’ technique with Trigger Point Therapy, making him the full package. He effortlessly finds areas needing the most attention and makes sure they are addressed during each visit. I can’t help but leave each session with a smile on my face and a feeling of complete relaxation. — Dr Jason L.

I have been to Ramon for a massage and cannot stop going back. My body is wide awake, blood flowing and relaxed. I would recommend Ramon with confidence. — Christina B.

Ramon was an absolute professional during my therapeutic massage. Since I work in the fitness industry – I find it refreshing that Ramon is at the “Top of his Game” and is a wealth of knowledge regarding the human body. — Edward H.

I have had several 90-min sessions with Ramon to treat my neck and shoulder problems. Besides providing excellent massages, Ramon is a wonderful educator on ergonomics and good posture which is critical for addressing the root causes of chronic problems. — Eduardo M.

The lymphatic drainage technique Ramon used released alot of toxins and reduced the swelling/bruising in my legs and ankles. He has a very soothing energy and was very focused on making the session both healing and relaxing for me. — Anne K.

Ramon has given me the healing eight sessions a physical {therapist} didn’t achieve. He is knowledgeable and competent. I would and have recommended him. — Donna S.

Ramon is an exceptional clinician. He is intuitive and his hands are magical. Whether I prefer a deep tissue and therapeutic massage or just need to relax, I can always count on Ramon’s expertise. I am so thankful for the care I receive, for it has truly improved my overall health and well being. – Melissa H.

Fantastic massage! I wish I could go back, but I don’t have any more knots! He got them all out! — Jen H.

Hi Jen, You are so funny! I’m so happy for you! Please do refer me to your friends if you know anyone who may need my service. – Ramon 🙂

Ramon is very passionate about his work & is the most effective & talented massage therapist I’ve had the pleasure to engage. — Myra O.

I am a very satisfied patron of Ramon and PalmLeaf Massage. This was my first experience with Lomi lomi treatment and I was blown away. I have had chiropractic treatments and massage in the past to help with pains caused by repetitive computer work and sitting at computer and desk for long periods of time. The trigger point therapy was exactly what I needed and Ramon was very diligent explaining his process and finding out exactly what was ailing me. I had multiple knots he successfully worked out, assisting in lymphatic drainage and improving circulation. I was very impressed with the customization of treatment that was worked out for me. Ramon really cares to find out what the true issues are with your body and ailments. I look forward to my next treatment since the results were unbelievable. I was actually not used to such a thorough and complete treatment it was invigorating. Ramon has a very caring and educated massage therapy that surpasses any massage treatment I have ever received. I will be a loyal follower of his practice and highly recommend his services no matter what your situation. — Mike P.

“I have been having severe back pains in the hip area, shoulder and left leg. I usually go to a regular massage therapist — pain and soreness were lessened for a few days but it does come back again. I was referred by a co-worker to this company and tried their healing therapeutic massage. It is different from your neighborhood massage therapist. He asks where you are feeling the pain and will explain to you the muscle groups of what causes those pain. As I go through the process, it was painful yet very enlightening to understand why I am feeling those pain and where it is all coming from. You will be stretching and painful, it depends on your situation but the after effect are tremendous. I still need to go back for more sessions. I definitely recommend this company. Very relaxing area and very clean.” — Rian E.

Hi Rian, Thank you for your feedback. Each treatment is customized to for each individual. In your case, it required deep tissue, trigger point therapy which I know it was a bit painful but needed. Just want to let you know, I have different levels of pressure, may it be for relaxation or to release chronic pains at your comfort level. My method of practice is a teamwork effort between client and massage therapist by finding the perpetuating factor of your chronic pains, education, and self-care exercises.

Please continue your self-care exercises in order to release those muscle knots. The modality technique is called Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  Finding the source that’s causing the muscle pain. Let’s get back on track and let get rid of those pains.

Food for thought: (Myofascial – “Myo” means muscles and “fascial” means the connective tissues.)

Sincerely, Ramon

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