Frank, RUIT, LMT at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic

Targeted bodywork for relief of chronic pain

Repetitive Use Injury Therapist (RUIT)
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist


Frank at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic

For more than 13 years Frank has been helping people with chronic muscle pain. His targeted style of bodywork is based on years of experience working with chiropractors. Communication with the client throughout the session ensures that he’s focused on exactly the right spots, the trigger points. He is careful to stay within the client’s stated comfort level for pain and pressure. Frank’s bodywork combines trigger point techniques with stretching to provide pain relief and increased range of motion.

Frank says,“I am detective for pain. Where a client feels the pain is not necessarily where the problem lies.”

Credentials and Modalities

  • Certified in Repetitive Use Injury Therapy (RUIT)
  • Certified Trigger Point Therapist (including Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • Certified Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage Therapist
  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Licensed Massage Therapist – National University of Health Sciences

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This was my first trigger point massage and I can’t say enough about how great it was!  I had a spinal fusion a few years ago and regularly see a chiropractor but the trigger massage really helped to loosen me up.  Frank was awesome and very patient to find the places that really needed attention.  I will definitely be back for at least a 90 minute session in the future!  — Maggie C.

Frank was fantastic. I came in for back spasms, and by the end of my session, I was feeling ridiculously better. He didn’t 0 “cure” the problem, but that’s not what is expected or promised. He made my back spasms more tolerable and completely helped my overall comfort level. My wife told me how Ramon had helped to alleviate her migraines through trigger-point referral treatment–and I had a hard time understanding what she was explaining. I can honestly say now, though, that I completely understand what it is. I am still completely weirded out with how trigger-point actually occurs. Frank was able to address my back spasms by accessing triggers in both my shoulder and the side of my body by my ribs. It felt like he was pressing three different points of my body at one time, but he was only using his one thumb on one trigger. Aside from “loosening” up my back area where I was indicating the spasms were occurring, he rarely spent any time directly in the area of pain. Instead, he was able to “access” the pain through a sort of “back-door.” I’ll definitely go back to Frank. He was spot on with his location and his pain scale. — John U.

Frank was very nice but he kept trying to find my trigger points which I did not care for. I could’ve told him to stop doing that but I did not want to hurt his feelings since he was so passionate about it. I also wish that he did not talk as much… I like to enjoy the quietness during my massage. — Ying W.

Service provider response:

We’re sorry your experience didn’t live up to your expectations. Frank is indeed passionate about finding trigger points because he knows how much it helps his clients. It can be useful to read bios to help you select a therapist whose signature style is to your liking. Frank’s style is bodywork that targets specific pain points which requires lots of communication between the therapist and the client. It sound like you’re looking for a meditative full-body treatment, therefore, you may enjoy Samantha or Ramon’s massage style. And please, don’t ever feel that you should not communicate your wishes to your therapist.

Frank has been the best help i could have ever found for my back, neck, and shoulder pain. His trigger point techniques are extremely productive and relaxing, and asks for continuous feedback to consistently work each muscle out of tightness. I will continue to see Frank for persisting muscle pains and any muscle pains i come across in the future. He is also an extremely nice man who puts the client first. — Danny M.

Frank is an outstanding massage therapist! He was able to give me relief from the injuries I have in my neck & back. Frank has great trigger point technique that addressed the tightness in my muscles without being too intense. He is very skilled & compassionate. I highly recommend him! — Marissa D.

Frank is an amazing addition to what is already a great facility. He is patient and helps identify areas of your body that may need relief from tension, there are areas in my body I can’t get to, and having Frank provide me with trigger point therapy had me walking away with a clear head and the feeling of a ton of weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you! — Ginger L.

My massage was at the end of a very stressful day, so I asked Frank to work on all the tension in my shoulders and upper back, and boy, did he! Using trigger point therapy, he methodically went over my back, and, with pinpoint precision, released all the knots I could feel I had as well as many more I hadn’t been aware of. I was so relaxed when he was done, I nearly fell asleep on the table! Upon getting into my bed that night I went right to sleep (unusual for me), and I slept better than I have in a very, very long time.

For many years now I haven’t been able to lay on the floor and nap in my preferred position of arms over my head, elbows bent, and my hands supporting my neck – I could no longer get my left arm in the proper position. During the course of my massage, Frank released my left scapula and now my left arm is as mobile as my right one! I’m delighted to once again be able to comfortably nap on the floor!

Frank is extremely attentive to pain levels, a nice plus for someone like me who isn’t inclined to speak up when something hurts a little too much.

— Jeanne H.

I had my first session with Frank yesterday. I was very happy with the experience. He was friendly and pleasant, but above all else, professional. He was thorough in assessing my situation and his massage techniques were outstanding. I will definitely schedule another appointment soon! — Margaret J.

“I’m deeply satisfied with the trigger point massage therapy I received from Frank at PalmLeaf Massage Clinic. It was the right fit for the scar tissues in the area that was massaged. Frank was patient with and listened to my body’s need. I appreciate the healing care I experienced.” — Jennifer E.

Frank did a great job on my shoulder. My session was 3 days ago and I still can tell my shoulder shows improvement. I have another session next week. I think my wife could benefit also. Please call me so I can discuss more appointments for my wife and I, Thank you. — Gerry S.

Frank zeroed in on my problem shoulder and with the utmost patience released muscle knot after muscle knot. The precision of trigger point therapy produced amazing results! I now have considerably less pain and more range of motion than I’ve had in many months. He also explained how my years of daily back and head pain was actually caused by tight muscles in my neck. Releasing trigger points does hurt, but I found the pain to be quite tolerable and the relief was so worth it. I would recommend Frank to anyone who is seeking targeted pain relief in specific areas. Frank is a trigger point sharp shooter! — Jeanette H.

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